HEIDE & COMPANY Interim Management

Why Use Heide & Company Interim Management?
Several factors make Heide & Company an attractive resource:

Speed. Heide & Co. managers can be in place in days, as opposed to the weeks or months required to install a full-time replacement – a crucial advantage to addressing sensitive customer, vendor, or staffing issues.

Experience. Our managers are typically “super-qualified” for the position they are assuming, with experience directly applicable to the challenge being faced. This allows us to hit the ground running, minimizing risk and enhancing the chance for a successful outcome.

Objectivity. We provide a fresh perspective and focus on what is best for the business.

Accountability. Rather than taking on a purely advisory role, interim managers have direct responsibility.

Effectiveness. Operating at or near board-level gives Heide & Co. interim managers the authority to effect significant change or transition within a company.

Commitment. We at Heide & Company are committed to success. We enjoy the challenge of having diverse assignments and take great pride in maintaining the highest performance standards.