Capital Formation – We typically raise growth and expansion capital for companies operating in emerging or growing markets and with proven track records, strong management teams and the potential for multiple returns to investors over three to five years.

Corporate Finance – When your commercial bank has maximized its exposure, we find alternatives, whether for an asset-based need, working capital, receivable financing, restructuring or off-balance-sheet financing.

Mergers & Acquisitions – If you're looking to buy a competitor, acquire a new business or merge with a synergistic enterprise, Heide & Co. can help by providing advisory and banking services that assure the best fit for your company.

Sell-Side Assignments – When it's time to sell your business, there are many things to accomplish, including market analysis, valuation, offering preparation, identifying and approaching the right buyers, creating and promoting an auction and executing the closing and post-closing transactions. Because we have sold our own companies and advised many others on selling theirs, we understand what it takes to get the job done quickly and efficiently while also realizing the best price and terms. Net, net: We save you time while maximizing your return.

Strategic Planning – When you know where you want your company to go, but are uncertain of how to get it there, Heide & Co. can help you develop a strategy. We have been instrumental in evaluating where our clients' businesses stand relative to their market and what it will take to move them to the next level. Our services include making a thorough analysis of your business, working closely with you to learn how you and your business operate and making a strategic plan that is realistic and attainable.

Family-Owned Businesses – We have extensive experience in working with privately owned family businesses, both single and multi-generational. The often complex circumstances surrounding issues such as succession planning, liquidity and continued growth can pose significant challenges and cause conflicts among family members and company executives, which can cloud the company's image or even diminish its perceived value. To help you turn problems into solutions, we can work as an intermediary and mediator in fleshing out and resolving differences, clearing up misunderstandings and providing an independent voice to help sensitive negotiations reach a successful end.

Interim Management – Our experienced team provides high quality management to companies requiring leadership due to vacancies or periods of flux. We supply Director- and C-level leadership in situations with clearly defined objectives.

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